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Upscale from SCART to HDMI.

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There are a lot of upscalers out there but only a few of them do what they said what they would do. I didn't know that the Saturn, along with several other systems natively output RGB. I bought a Saturn to SCART cable and now I need a Saturn to go with it. LOL.


Are there any upscalers that anyone here recommend?


Thanks! :)

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I have been researching this myself, and depending on what you need to do and how fussy one is, it seems to come back to the frame meister, though I saw some positive points about the OSSC.


It looks like with optional 3rd party cables, you can get RGB out from other consoles (e.g., SNES). If you think you are going to do this for multiple consoles or have older ones modded to output RGB, the frame meister is probably still your best bet. The video in this link might be helpful: http://sourcegaming.info/2016/09/02/framemeister-alternatives-featuring-the-ossc-my-life-in-gaming/


You are probably right though... for just the Saturn only, blowing money on an frame meister might not be worth it. That video does mention some alternatives and covers the OSSC too.

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Thanks for the link! :)


If I keep dwelling and dwelling on it, I might convince myself to get a frame meister. Lol


(More likely not)


I like the alternatives. The thing that gets me is that there are so many off brand converters that are identical.

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I haven't updated it in a while, but my adventures in upscaling are here: http://juansolo.co.uk/geekery/videowafflage1.htmlThere are a few pages of that. I really do need to do a proper follow up as things have changed quite significantly since. But the meat of the upscaling stuff is there.


Man! There's so much useful info there. Thanks a bunch! :)

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