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Maxflash cart and DOS


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I've never tried a Maxflash cartridge, and I guess it includes a built in menu/loader for a bunch of XEX stored in it. That is great to play games from their file version instead of ROM images.

Reading about the problem that kynrek had with Mac/65 XEX, he made me ask if it is possible to load a cartridge from the Maxflash and boot DOS at the same time, as DOS is required by many cartridges like Assembler/Editor, Pilot, etc...

Is that feasible? How?

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For many years the only options for Atarimax flash cartridges were to put a cartridge image (or more than one) on one and then boot DOS from disk in the normal way, that is from SIO or PBI *or* put a DOS ATR (or ATRs) on a flash cartridge.

Later, the SpartaDOS X team compiled that DOS to work on the Atarimax flash cartridges

Four years ago user, cartridge_fan, modified 3 OSS cartridge images (BASIC XL, Action!, MAC/65) and together with SpartaDOS X 4.46 put them onto a single Atarimax 8mbit flash cartridge. You can select one programming language and enable SDX or you can enable SDX without a language. You can also load a language and boot a different DOS but from disk.



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