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2D multiplayer mmorpg using sio2pi?


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What about 2D game/virtual world:

- where people can mine materials on plannets

- where people can chat

- where people can build from materials

- where people can craft from materials

- where will be some coins for killing alien monsters also players can trade between them

- PvP areas where can you fight for coins

- travelling from plannet to plannet will be like from asteroid

- plannet will be 2D like zelda (10x10 screens)

- each plannet will have random raw resources (materials)

- in one space sector there can be 4? 8? players at once (sprites)

- on plannet there can be 4? 8? players at once??? (sprites)



atari 65xe/800xe/130xe/800xl

+ sio2pi cable



fdd(client)+ethernet+server for your own world / plannet


Something like this:



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RPi1 or RPzero is under 10euro on ebay.

That cable is cheap and simple to build.

RPi got RJ45 so people around the world can access

into game.

It will have social aspect too. Like social network.


MIDI, Multilink etc can be good for local lan parties.

Not massively played game.

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