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So I finally made a new Boggle Puzzle. I was up all night last night trying to put one together about dog breeds. When I started it was about 10 PM and the next time I looked at the clock it was approaching 3 AM. I never did get the dumb thing completed, I deemed it impossible. So I was looking through a magazine mom left on the coffee table. It had a word find in it. The word find was about foods you can make with apples (it was an October issue). That seemed like an interesting Boggle puzzle waiting to happen. So I worked on it for a few hours and got it done. Two words are "Cider" and "Vinegar." They are usually connected (Apple cider vinegar), but not in this Boggle puzzle. I figured since you can make cider with apples, then making apple cider vinegar is also used making apples. Besides, I was looking for an eighth word to put in there. I saw the V in "turnover," and thought "Vinegar!" So after moving a few letters around to accommodate vinegar, I was done. But man, this one put up a fight, it took a few hours to get it just right. I started a website about Boggle Puzzles. I figured if I am going to be making them, I might as well post them on the internet. So I did. And you can find the website here.
I thought to myself that they belong in the crosswords folder because they're kind of like them. Actually, that folder is where I keep all the word-puzzle related stuff I do. This time's puzzle is about bird species. I figured I would make one each week. But it's been almost a week and I've made 7 of them. So anyway, that's what I've been up to today. Besides sleeping all day.

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