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@TomSon I don't know if you have implemented this already, but it'd be nice to have this control configuration for shooting in Robot Arena using a 3 button Mega Drive controller (with a VecAdapt): Start for up, A for left, B for down, and C for right.

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So,,, Do you finally get the other things too with VecFever?


Touch-Sensitive Screen
Computer Adaptor with BASIC
Computer Keyboard
Disk Driver/Wafer Tape Drive
Computer Software:
Create Your Own Video Game
Music Maestro
Art Program in LOGO
Basic Science
Solar System
Word Processing




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how time flies.. so here's the current state of things:

I have build and tested most of the VecFevers I plan to offer soon now but still don't have the time in the moment

to actually organize this. Those were build whenever I could spare some time during the summer, including 50

in a black case with LEDs:




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