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So as someone new to Vectrex would you recommend this over a Sean Kelly Multicart? I already have all the roms and just need to get them on a cart.

Do you mean 'all the roms' as in 'all roms of the originally released games'? Both carts have almost all original games, with the exception of AnimAction. (Unless the final version of the VF has that program on it...)


If you want to have the freedom to put new homebrew games on a cart, a flashcart (like the VecFever) would be the better option. If you only want to play the originally released games (and a few fixed homebrews) and if you aren't interested in the extra's that come with the VF, then it's probably better for you to get Sean Kelly's multicart. But to future proof the Vectrex a bit: I recommend you to go for the VF instead, because you might want one later on :) also, you get 3 exclusive built-in games with it, and as far as I know, there are no separate releases of those games planned yet.

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This sounds phenomenal! I've been a fan of the Vectrex since childhood, but never owned one until recently. Now that I have one I am eager to do some dev work and this cart sounds like the perfect tool.

Not sure where the pre-order bandwagon started, but I'll happily jump on! I'll take x1 as well. Cheers!

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