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Mario Party 8 or 9 for the Wii?

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I'm looking to pick one up for the fam, and don't have the time to go through lots of youtube videos. I'm leaning towards 9 because the single player mode seems more fun (not that I'm going to do a lot of single playing with this), and 8 is said to be a lot more like a Gamecube version made for the Wii.


As far as predictability goes, it will be our first Mario Party game. I'm not a huge fan of this series from the GCN days, I just found it to be really long, but as a party game it seems to be a good bet. I only wanna grab one, though...unless having both has merits? Thoughts, opinions? Thanks guys.


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I prefer 8, it being the last game before everyone is crammed in one car together. That being said if you want shorter games to enjoy with the family 9 may be the way to go. I own all the Mario Party's and have spend hundreds of hours playing them. To me 6 and 7 on the GameCube are the Pinnacle of the series.

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