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Amstrad GX4000 on an NTSC TV - Need Help

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So should I order a scart to S-Video cable? I also have access to an RGB pvm monitor with BNC connectors on it. I would be able to at least use it to test the system. Are there any chance those can accept the Pell signal without scrolling or will they still need a converter? if there's a way I could use that easily I'm going to buy it or trade him something for it. I don't have access to it right now and he's not at his Warehouse so I don't know what model it is or brand.

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SCART to S-Video won't do you any good because there doesn't seem to exist any such signal in the connector. You could try a SCART to composite video adapter, one of those where you can alter the direction between input and output. Normally those are used to connect a composite video cable to a TV with only SCART input, but you want it to work in the exact opposite direction, thus the adapter needs to be switchable.


I would believe most PVM monitors take 50 or 60 Hz, which is what the RGB signal will be about since there is no such thing as PAL or NTSC when discussing RGB, only sync frequency.


However try the RF again with your TV set to analog input. UHF 36 is around 591 MHz, but try the entire spectrum. Once you have confirmed even the grainiest picture, even if it without colours or rolling, you know your unit(s) is OK and from there can go on with various solutions.

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aside the SVideo that is not switchable the rest should be configurable both directions via the switch. I think I have one in the house and used it exactly with my GX4000 to connect it to an el-cheapo composite to HMDI converter (I am in NTSC land). It's been a while though.

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