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Question about HD ADF 1.76MB images.

Guest LiqMat

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Guest LiqMat

Noticed on my older Amiga 2000 (v1.2 ROM) it will not recognize a HD ADF image on my Lotharek drive. (In this case a HD floppy image created using ADF Opus and using this drive: http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=122) So I ran emulation to see what does and it looks like roms 2.04 and above have no problems with it. Basically Workbench 1.3.3 coupled with the 1.2 rom will not recognize the HD ADF image. Same problem in emulation as well with the same setup so I bump it up to 2.04 rom in emu and then it reads the HD ADF image. So anything sub 2.0 will not recognize an HD floppy image? Does that sound right? About to purchase updated roms and want to make sure. I want to go as low as I can go because I only use this 2000 for the old games. Do I have to buy v2.x roms specifically for the 2000 OCS or will any 2.x rom do? Been out of the Amiga scene for decades so... thanks for any help.

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