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atari2600land's Blog - 47 sightings, may 24, 2017


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So I was watching TV. About a month ago or so, in an ad for a weight loss thing someone lost 47 pounds. But the big announcement came from another ad. There's going to be a movie out called "47 Meters Down." It's about a couple of girls who go underwater in a cage with sharks when all of a sudden, the rope breaks and they are plunged 47 meters down. I don't know why they chose meters instead of feet. Perhaps it's because they wanted the number 47 in there somewhere. Oh, and I finally got that Odyssey 2 game for $43. (I know, too much), but when you add in the cost of shipping, its total was $47. I checked the box of another boxed Odyssey 2 game from Parker Bros. Super Cobra. I looked at the manual. It was all in Portuguese. That isn't going to help much. Luckily I know how to play Q*Bert. And then I'll be done hunting eBay for that title if it works. AND, I'll have all 4 Parker Bros. titles. And, along with the 2 Imagic titles I have, I'll have every third party Odyssey 2 game. I'm wondering if I should go track down DVD copies of the other movie titles released recently with the number 47 in them: "Hitman: Agent 47" and "47 Ronin." It would go nicely with my DVD collection of movies beginning with the letter Q.

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