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2017 HSC, Chapter 12...


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Bonus: Fast Food


Fat Axl (20160613).a78

Fast Food.bin


Starts May 25

Ends June 7, 11:59 (UTC-6:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

The usual fine print: No save states, cheats, bug exploits, etc.


Please note: Next round will be my last round as moderator- it has been an honor and a pleasure.

If you need a moderator in September (after the Activision Summer patch quest) I will be happy to resume. Meanwhile, you'll need to decide if there will be a new mod or let the contest end after round 13. Thank you.


Final scores:

Fat Axl

200275 oyamafamily
134225 SIO2
72300 Trebor
42475 S.BAZ
36100 toiletunes
20900 troff
14125 jblenkle


Fast Food

oyamafamily 2294
S.BAZ 1943
SIO2 1883
troff 853
Trebor 716


Rankings through game 11:


120 Oyamafamily

82 Toiletunes

75 Jin

51 Trebor(Up)
50 S.Baz
41 SIO2
39 Nuclear Pacman

35 LaurenTyler

30 Dauber

26 roadrunner

21 BydoEmpire

17 Northcoastgamer
15 Gorfy
13 GoldenWheels

13 troff
07 Mister-VCS

07 LidLikesIntellivision (UP)
06 jblenkle
05 Darthkur
05 Deteacher
04 JonnyBritish
04 Mangia-Boy
02 Atarifever
02 Cafeman
02 JacobZu7Zu7
01 KosmicStardust
01 Vocelli

Edited by toiletunes
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When you lose the last life and reach the "Sweet Donut of Mine" black screen therefore, press PAUSE button before this game returns to title screen and then take a screenshot of your score if your evidence format is a picture / photo.


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FAT AXL 200,275


Photo 1: Score after losing my 1st Life



Photo 2: Score after losing my 2nd Life



Photo 3: The moment I decided to stop playing and then comit suicide



Photo 4: Scores noted on my identification paper. It took me 3 attempts to surpass 200,000 points


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