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Just curious about this, have been a long time (lurking before signing up) but I've noticed some odd inconsistencies with the subforums here and I was just curious if there was any reason behind it at all?


For one, you have some systems specifically supported exclusively in general like Sega Genesis, yet there's no Super Nintendo. But if you go south of that, you have various systems with a HIgh Score Club for the SMS, NES, PCE/TG16. It just seems kind of strange. Is there a reason we don't have a SNES area? Or how come some are just for high scores and the others are not?


I could ask why there's not one for other stuff, but the list would then end up really ridiculous if you had every handheld out there. Wouldn't a company specific section work best like Nintendo, Sega, NEC, Atari, and the smaller fish like SNK (Neo Geo), 3DO Company, etc just be served best as is in the area below? it seems to leave out a large cut of stuff, it's not like the Gameboy/Color was any slouch over 100M units sold, and it's not like the PSP did badly for Sony or the GG for Sega either.

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I think the idea is that for systems that otherwise have very small resources online, in terms of other forums and communities (at least from an American perspective), AtariAge is opening up a shelter if you like, for owners and users of those systems to discuss. For systems like the SNES, supposedly you have well frequented sites elsewhere with possibly even more expertise hanging around.


Despite that, people might want to arrange a high score club even for a system that has most of the action going on elsewhere, which is why there would be such subsections.


In some cases, the subsection may have been opened at a time where it didn't seem like other resources were not available, but that those have developed ever since. The Genesis might be a such system.

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I don't wish to detract from this "general" forum but I have wondered much the same in the past. I'd likely discuss PC Engine/TG stuff in a sub forum. It would allow people to get a little more "in the weeds" on obscure stuff that would likely not be of interest to the general reader in this forum. It could also give those threads the room to breathe and survive.

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Makes sense. I wasn't thinking that because at least for the Sega stuff there's plenty of sites out there that go into some good depth, not so much with the TG/PCE though so that would make sense. I'd almost wonder if it would be better off just not there other than the high score clubs. Too much division can make for weird appearances and lightly tread areas as people like to get in, get out. But then again another avenue for the heavy hitters for the sake of this site being Atari, Nintendo, Sega to have a spot, and everything else is general so they're not swamped by them. Either way it's a balancing act so I got curious and figured I'd ask.

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I think the subforums are created as needed. If there are enough topics created about supernintendo than they will create a supernintendo subforum and move those topics there.

Pretty much this. If there's a need for a sub forum it will be created. At the moment we're getting a bit sub forum heavy so I don't think we'd create a new one without condensing some first, but that's Al's call. Still, if you think there's need for a new one shoot him a pm.

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