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Intellivision with 5 games, turbo grafx 16 w/ keith courage, Boxed Coleco

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I'll get pictures up in the morning

intellivsiion model 1 with 5 games (commons) works perfectly except the right buttons on player 2's controller 40 plus shipping

turbo grafx 16 includes original rf unit and genesis psu + keith courage 80 plus shipping

colecovision with box and styrofoam insert box with some rips 100 plus shipping (includes ac, switch box , 2 controllers that work fairly well, and donkey kong plus a 2 extra commons)

additional games available


dk jr 5

buck rogers 8

centipede 5

commons 2 each I'll get the names up tomorrow



world championship baseball 8

super pro football 8

hover force 10

chip shot golf (cart bottom is detached) 8












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new items

apple mac 12 in rgb monitor working 25 plus shipping

apple adb mouse 12 plus shipping

adb cables 6 plus shipping 2 available

nes games 60 for all 12 plus shipping

checkered flag 5 plus shipping

atari adapter 15 plus shipping (includes games)

wii console only (no ac, no sensor, no av, no remote nothing) but works and has 3 games installed (zelda 1, dungeon explorer, military madness) 15 plus shipping (tested with dual layer games and they're fine)

new nunchuck 9 plus shipping

apple powerpc board don't know which one 5 plus shipping untested

5200 games 3 for space dungeon 2 for the others 5 for all

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