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How Does Emu7800 Handle Pokey Games?


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I've been enjoying some 7800 Commando via emulation & it hit me today it's a Pokey Chip game!


Obviously the ROM itself doesn't emulate the Pokey chip hardware, but the code is in it to use this extra sound chip. Assuming emu7800 has your PC simulate a Pokey chip when needed? ... for 2 games.


I guess this goes for all emulators... I hadn't given much thought to it before (7800 Commando, Genesis Virtua Racing, SNES Kirby, SNES DDOM, SNES Starfox, etc). We have the software and your PC hardware emulating a helper chip in the cart, versus the chip set of the system only. Pretty slick.


Am I missing anything with that line of thought?

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Yup, the software is emulating the whole system, including a virtual POKEY chip. Same thing happening in MAME. Arcade games typically have a lot more chips working together. Emulation is like magic to me.

Great point on MAME!!! Ok, appreciate the confirmation.

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