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Intellivision Bad Apple


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i like the tech demo, but i have large problems with anime, but that's a very personal thing.

i tried to start to watch, but i get headakes from it.

if i should understand the role of the characters you would have to explain them to me.


see, i really dislike this stuff, i hope you don't misunderstand me, nothing personal against you it's just because it's anime.

i might be wrong, but i can't help.


once for all the time, long ago when i was around 20 i made a drawing in anime style (what had come to my mind then?)

strangewisely (unfortunately) it's the one everybody says "great, i like it".


it's the one i most dislike of my drawings, i just kept it because i know how folks react on it and i can give my comment to it.


it's mostly because i think we have our own style we don't have to copy them but many many do.

neither it's something against japanese arts, they are beautiful, if you go back before ww2, and then it started to change, drastically, it isn't japanese no longer it's targetet on the western market and on lowest level of human senses. this because this low level sells so well and exactly here start the problems i have, it's precalculated.


i don't calculate my arts, i do them, it comes "out of my tommy" and not out of my brain, if i'm not in the right mood nothing happens.

i can't work on command (i can, but i won't), it needs a special inspiration, something which moves me inside.


i'm a textile printer and i even made tie-dyes, i still make japanese paper tie-dyes, i love that, it's meditating art everybody can do (zen? yes but as i see it)

but it's far apart from anime.

swiss textile industry adapted very much from japanese arts in the 19th century, i do like that much, but it has no connection to anime, it's like this would have been two different universes.

the whole craft of printing, dying, batik, it all comes from asia and i have big respect of this art, everything we know in this field of art we adapted from them.

maybe that's the reason why i don't understand anime, it's a sell out to me. a sell out of "spirit", exchanged with/for popularity.


it is ok to sell, every artist likes to live from his art, every craftsmen from his craft, but to me it matters a little with which goal you do that.


headake isn't the right term, actually my tommy hurts, the plexus hurts, see what it does to me?

something inside me feels extremely uncomfortable with, that's why i can't help myself.


maybe one could explain me what he thinks why it's so successful.




nevermind, i'm a sick old man

(or a child aged 7, i like rocky & bullwinkle, and that even for its style, that's what i like).


erm ok let's post something inty related :)


this week when i travelled to my mom i played "flapee bird" on my phone, a boy aged 7 was vis a vis and watched me playing with big eyes.

and i thought, "see that stuff would still fascinate the children, super realistic 3D graphics or not, this colored little bird has magic as much as".


are you kidding? for sure i wouldn't have lended him my phone - me i was playing ;)

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Whilst we might be a bit late to the party, never let it be said that the Intellivision cannot keep up with the 2600 [and the Bad Apple demo.]


The Atari 2600 version of Bad Apple is really impressive. In a way, that version of the video kind of fits the category of my interpretation of video art, as the "animation" does look random, for if I had not already seen the Bad Apple video, then I never would have known what was going on on the screen.


The Intellivision version is mighty impressive, and it even uses the additional voices provided by the ECS. I don't understand how either the VCS or the Intellivision can run this demo given their non-bitmap nature. I guess the Intellivision can manage it with REALLY clever manipulation of the tile set... but the 2600...?!?


Does this Intellivision version of Bad Apple run on real hardware? If so, then how is the massive ROM image get laid out?


The first time I saw Bad Apple was on my Sega Genesis. That version is amazing. I was hooked on this demo ever since that time.


In 2018, I made a few pictures of the Bad Apple "demo" for the astrocade. You can view them here:




The thing that drives me crazy about Bad Apple is that it's the perfect earworm! As soon as I hear the song it gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day.


Thanks for pointing these Bad Apple videos out to me.




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Super late to this party..  I actually discovered this demo via my Vectrex / Pitrex explorations..  so glad to see this was done.  I knew it had to be possible!  


However, wondering this says 6 voice version..  a standard intellivision only has 3 voices right?   will that be a problem or the music just won't sound as full?   maybe there is a 3 voice rom? 

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12 minutes ago, Caleb Garner said:

However, wondering this says 6 voice version..  a standard intellivision only has 3 voices right?   will that be a problem or the music just won't sound as full?   maybe there is a 3 voice rom? 

6 voice uses ECS. 


Without it will play just the 3 that are available on a standard console. 



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I tried to play this via "bin2rom" with the cfg file and the .bin..   this is what happens.  Running this from the backbit.io for intellivision.  curious if maybe there is some other way i could get this to run better?  this doesn't have acceleration.  maybe that was required for it to work?  or should this run on a stock intellivision without any additional boosting?  


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Badapple is a huge rom that uses ECS style rom bankswitching, which is not supported by the .rom file format and therefore not supported by the Backbit.  When converting you would have got a bunch of warnings ("IGNORING ECS PAGE ...") but with drag and drop the message box would have disappeared before you could read them.  Hopefully, Evie will eventually support this style of bankswiching in her cartridge.  Best to test the .rom file in an emulator like Jzintv to see if it's correct.

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At the (unfashionably) latest to the party... here is @decle's Inty Bad Apple running on Nintellivision.


I just got ECS-style page flipping working on the little handheld... and there aren't too many public ROMs that I could use to test (Onion and WSoMLB were the other two). I suffer a small CPU hit on page flipping that was difficult to smooth out - there were noticeable gaps as Bad Apple moved from scene-to-scene but I've got most of it worked out. Thought someone might be interested in seeing it run at full speed on the ancient handheld under emulation!


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