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CV HSC Season10-Round 9-Squish'Em-Jumpman Junior-Mr. Do!'s Castle-Pitfall2

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attachicon.gifdos castle.PNG


Had a pretty good run with 100,000 and 3 lives in hand. I tested my just arrived Visiondaptor, very cool and working fine.

Then my 3 year old son cried for help and I had to quit.

Maybe I can post again a better score, will play in the night session.

I kept wondering when you'd show up. I know you're darn good at this game.

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For games like Miner 2049er, Boulder Dash and Jumpman Junior it would be great if the following setting would be available:

You can play a walkthrough to the end stage with infinte lives and the numbers of deaths you needed, would be the final result.

So, with a real console I would never be able to see the games endings, fortunately nowadays emulators with save states exist, and I can play all levels.




This is the final screen of Jumpman Jr. after all 12 levels.



By the way: Of course, I don't use save states when I post scores in this Contest.

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