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Monitor repair in Seattle?


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Me and friend have a few old CRT computer monitors between the two of us that need some minor repairs that I'm pretty sure we can mostly do ourselves. However, the Internet is a scary place and it's difficult to get solid information about discharging the anode of a CRT the right way, what not to touch when you're in there, etc... I've read stories from instant death from touching the back of the tube, all the way to don't worry it at all, touch away!


I'm wondering if there is anyone local to the Seattle area who has hands-on experience fixing CRTs that would be willing to spend an hour or two showing us the ropes in taking these things apart and figuring out which bits are safe, which bits are deadly, discharging the anode, and all that good stuff. I'd be happy to work out some sort of compensation for your time. Hopefully you're an Atari enthusiast too, so the at the very least, we'd have some good conversation.


If you're interested or know someone, please PM me. Thanks!

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