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Super Game Module 4th run official thread


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Thanks all - I'll be keeping my eye's open for what develops here in the real world. But, in the mean time, being partial to racing games, I'll continue to dream of a room dedicated to my VR Racing roll cage set-up. AND, for relaxation after a day at the track I'll break out {along with my true retro consoles of course & in my dedicated game room} my state of the art consoles with advanced graphics, but retained gameplay, for all of my favorite classics. And, to display these advanced systems, some wise person will have dug up the specs of the Atari 5200, Odyssey 2, Sears Telegames INTV, and the Colecovision {probably the most visually appealing consoles of all time IMHO} and placed the systems in these housings {or in close and equally stunning renditions of the same}.

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Copying from my answer somewhere else:


2) After RWX I will be going back to SGM and ColecoVision stuff. Plan is to deliver everything that have been in the pipeline for a shot and long while, including DK and SGM 5th run with a vengeance (wink wink). However one thing will have to wait, and that is


Hi Ed,

I've just DM'd you; Before starting the 5th run, can you please send me my 2 sgms back from the 2nd run ;)

thanks in advance, I have all the games from team pixel boy to play :D

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I would like a super game module. How do I go about getting one. Hopefully there will be another run.

We have started organizing 5th run. Please email Grazi. Info@opcodegames.com

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