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SOLD: AMD 1.8ghz Athlon kit (early 2000's)


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I came across a later model computer that might be interesting to someone who is looking to make a very late windows 98, middle windows 2000 early XP PC


the case is junk missing all kinds of crap, and it looks like ass, since the system is a standard issue full size ATX board I yanked its brains


Its got a older AMD socket A / 462 motherboard using the VIA KT 266A chip set, its got one AGP 2x/4x slot and the remainder PCI slots, onboard audio, IDE and floppy. Ram wise it supports 2 slots of DDR 200/266 OR 2 slots of 100/133 SD RAM, and currently has 1GB of 133 SDRAM


kit comes with a geforce 2 MX video card (puke), 10/100 network card, cpu, and heat sink


cpu is interesting as its a AMD Athlon XP 2200 (1.8 ghz 32 bit single core) so its like a windows 98 machine someone dropped a big for its britches windows XP / vista era cpu onto (which was nice back in those days)




you get:

  • AMD XP 2200 (1.8ghz) CPU
  • Heat Sink and fan
  • 1GB 133mhz SD RAM
  • AGP, Geforce 2MX (memory unknown)
  • 10/100 pci network card
  • Generic full sized motherboard with IO plate

system has been tested to the point of POST, and not further at this point, probably needs a new cmos battery


30$ shipped USA and paypal only please










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