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Way of the Rodent

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Way of the Rodent was an online UK magazine dedicated to taking old and new games, and writing about them. Nothing special there you might think. But it was done in such a loving, irreverent, obtuse, different, and special manner that it attracted over 150k readers for every online issue. Until the Chinese hacked the server. Yes, seriously. Now there is a Kickstarter to help bring the content back, better, shinier and with a bunch of authorised images and media (because let's face it, most people pinch from other places on the internet). I know this may seem slightly different coming from the UK, but think Monty Python ground up and made into magazine form. Sort of. Take a look, see what you think (definitely watch the video, although it might be a bit NSFW hah hah!), and maybe pledge... let's face it, the slump in the UK exchange rate has to be good for something!



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