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I will be happy to talk about my games and stuff I do on here as long as discussions stay in the positive. I like showing people what I am working on and try getting some feedback to help make something great. I am resurrecting the very first game I started when I came back to doing Atari stuff about 10 years ago and it seemed people were supportive. Anyone remember that game? I wanted to put something together in response to the "Commodore 64 vs Atari 8-bit" front to show what our great Atari machines can do.


I put this Surround Type game together and actually gave it a retro look by using a lower resolution graphics mode, (graphics 7) with the double height PM graphics. I had to re-work my player/missile multiplexer routine to work with 128 byte high player/missile areas. Surround'Em can optionally play many different Surround type games. 2600 Surround, VIC-20 Slither, and a Dodge Survival Game. Can activate diagonals movement, start slow and progressively speed the game up, wrap-around mode, and many other options. It supports multiplayer mode up to 4 players and it does run on the Atari 800. Also supports the Multijoy8 interface for the XL/XE machines, although it is only a 4 player game. There is an option screen when the title splash screen that lets you choose stuff before starting the game. Multijoy8 will only activate if you select it on the title screen, or else it defaults to standard reading PORTA and PORTB. Joysticks are just about the only controller you can play thing type of game with.

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Thankyou, I appreciate the positive comments about the game.


The video came from an earlier build of the game and I forgot to disable something before assembling the program.


The reason why we are going across several forums now is to increase exposure of the program. Atari.IO has less members, but the moderators, have more time to monitor what is being posted.

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