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Is there video footage of the video game world championships from the 80s?

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Was wanting to find videos of different video game world championships from the 80s for a video project.


I've found one for Cosmos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO3ctKcI8Kg&t=75s


I also found the Millipede championships, but someone named Patrick Scott Patterson watermarked it, so it'd be great if there was an unedited version of that somewhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eIdfaDBjDg&t=3s


I'd love to find footage from the 81 Atari Championships, Space Invaders Championship, and the Centipede Championship.


I believe there were some others for Tron, Pac-Man, Tempest, and Armor Attack.


Anybody else know if and where such footage would exist?


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That first link was from the show That's Incredible. There's not only cosmos, but burgertime, millipede, buck rogers, and dk jr. It was more of a race to target scores than a typical competition. At least with Burgertime strategies could be a whole lot different.

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Where were these championships held? Perhaps the local TV station(s) may still have footage that they shot at the time.


Granted, in my (limited, Canadian) experience, unedited/unused news footage is not frequently retained, just the final news broadcasts themselves, so you may be looking at just a few minutes (at best) of footage, not hours of detailed coverage.


As for the That's Incredible footage, I can actually remember watching that episode when the show was current. ;-) It was the very first time that I saw Burgertime. As Mr. Me noted, the goal was to obtain a set score on each machine, and then move onto the next game.

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