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Are there any STE models without internal floppy?

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Just to make sure -- that's the same footprint as the 1040STf ?



I don't know for sure (so why am I commenting on this?) but they are not the same. The STe has stereo audio RCA jacks on the back, the RF modulator RCA jack and TV switch (NTSC model at least) on the back, and those whacky enhanced Jaguar compatible controller ports on the left. The STf doesn't have any of those. The STfm has the RF modulator.


They all have integrated PSU and floppy.


So, while the general case dimensions are the same/similar, the port layout is different between STf, STfm, and STe.

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Just to make sure -- that's the same footprint as the 1040STf ?

Footprint is the same, yes. I have both, 1040STe and 1040STf. I actually wasn't aware the non-f systems were any smaller, but then it makes sense if they also have external PSUs like the A500 does.


Kind of like the difference in the 600xl vs 800xl, I guess where the back portion os larger on the 800xl.


Either way, wedge/keyboard computers look nicer on a workstation than the bulky PC towers...

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The 520/1040STe footprint with the integrated PSU is great. I only wish they had an internal ACSI header for an internal UltraSatan. :)

Seriously... so we have 520/1040 with external only. Then you have Mega ST (not sure, don't own one) and Mega STe and TT, both with external ACSI, and internal SCSI. Then Falcon, internal IDE, external SCSI, and internal SCSI if you are lucky enough to have a c-lab one.

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Here's a pic of the 520ST(m) -- no floppy. It's very clean and classy :)


It makes sense Atari didn't bother engineering a separate version of the STE for this smaller form factor..


Falcon some day for me.. just to play with.



That is a cute little machine. Is the PSU integrated in that model?

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