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It took a ton of work, but I finally added in some coins and enemies to get. And since he's getting coins, he needs a coin counter, so I added that as well. As for a lives counter, I will add one, but it will only be shown once the guy loses a life. I figure there's too much stuff going on for the Odyssey 2 to handle, mainly sprite animation and telling it what screen it's on and what to display on it. But I got the flying ostrich back in the game. He looks like a flamingo.

It took more time to figure out why the coin counter went crazy for a frame when the screen started to scroll for the first time. But I think I fixed it. So anyway, the first level will be your typical first level: getting coins and dodging enemies and holes. But I'm stopping for today because my eye is beginning to hurt. I think all the yard mowing they're doing is making it hurt. Plus, I'm at a good stopping point. Videopac.nl forums are down, so I can't show them what I've done so far, but I can show you. And I did.

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