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cheats for robot knights by richard watton red rat software


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i have a game which when a child i thought was quite rare for the atari 65xe called robot knights. spent many hours on this game but could never complete it so many arguments were had with my younger brother lol.

its one of those games where you can wait to do something and it never happens so forced to kill yourself especially if you are playing with 1 player its pretty impossible!

im using altirra with a copy of the game i cant seem to get the cheater working, some help would be appreciated

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Hi there,


Unzip the cheat I've created for you..


Load up the game, go and open the cheater window, go to load, find that file I made and load it, you will now have a ticked box in the right window (if its not ticked then tick it), click OK and you now have unlimited energy..


I've not played the game far so if you run into issues let me know and I'll adjust the cheat..




PS, I didn't go in to the workings of how you cheat as its a long tutorial because of the variations of how devious programmers hide the values and the way health bars work etc...


The most basic way is to do a changed and then unchanged series of checks, so if say a health bar has gone down you do a changed test, then move about but don't let the energy bar drop and do an unchanged test, repeat this until you have the least addresses in the left box and try them out by using the right arrow to add them to the box on the right, put a tick on the box and see what happens. That way is VERY trial and error but is the easiest to convey, other ways are looking for numbers on screen and doing an exact number test on the type of test spinner bar, test if that number goes up or down say if you lose a life and you might be lucky.


The other methods presume some machine code knowledge and how what you see on the screen say as a number is what isn't actually being checked for and a million and one other tricks..


That cheat should work on all the versions of the game out...

Robot Knights Cheat.zip

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