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Possible WiiU Sale @ Gamestop this Weekend? (6/10/2017)

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This is more of a rumor/hearsay than anything...


I was in GameStop the other day (one I used to frequent a lot but less so now cause declining interest), but one of the employees I know pretty well suggested that I come back on the weekend of the 10th. That's this upcoming Saturday. I can't really confirm anything beyond what he said, but when I checked Gamestop's weekly ad today... (See below)


Only negative I can see here is if the "Pro Day" sales are purely limited to those with Pro cards.


I'm mostly passing this on incase anybody else is trying to grab a few more WiiU titles affordably and effectively. I'm not really up for paying full price, and I'm unsure why more places haven't dropped the price considering it's so far on its way out that the door has basically closed on it.


Just something to keep in mind if you have some free time this weekend and a bit of cash to spare to flex out your WiiU librairy.


Another note to add here is that my local GameStop did have some random markdowns on used titles for basically all the systems. It was a "4 for $20 Used Sale" on almost every console they had, but it was also randomly limited to select (kinda shitty IMO) used titles.


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