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magine yoshi's island on atari lynx


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It may sounds crazy but the snes needed a super fx chip to do sprite scaling & polygon rendering,but the atari lynx does have sprote scaling & polygon rendering builtin so this can be an ultimate test for the lynx in how it could handle it.


Yes the lynx can do 16 colors atonce onscreen but we can decide to use the scanline trick,recoloring it or use dithering and blur the image to get around that ,also since the lynx has 1/50 the the resolution of that game,we need to scale it down.

Or we can zoom on but then you cannot see what's going on around you.


Mode 7 maybe possible trough software or we can just use sprites instead.


For digital sound, we can strip off some instruments or we can just sythesis it trough software and mix it together and stream it as pcm samples,or we can create fm sytheses versions of it.


B & A buttons can be used for jump and hit while option 1 & 2 can be used for shooting eggs.


To get around the 512KB limit we need to split the rom into chunks of 512KB and load an after another when needed


Saved data should be stored on eeprom.


The lynx cpu is 8bit but it's powerfull and it has a dual 16bit gpu at 16mhz along 4 8bit soundchannels Etc,,, so i see lots of potential and this game can be the ultimate testament for the lynx.


Ninja gaiden 3 and steel talons are on both consoles and lppk & run at the same speed.

So despites the snes cou is 16bit it runs at a slow 3,5 mhz.


So what do you lynx fans thinking, is yoshi's island on lynx possible???

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