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Stickers should fix the problem...


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This is directed at all the homebrewers (OPCODE, CollectorVision, Team Pixelboy etc.) but going forward and to save you guys some $$$ you should be able to just cover up any reference to the new "he who shall not be named" on your existing boxes with whatever type of label each of you might want to come up with (my personal favorite of course is "For use on the ColecoVisionTM Platform. Not developed, licensed, or endorsed by the asshats at ColecoTM Holdings, LLC." that user SignGuy81 posted).

I'm sure you guys are already thinking along those lines but I figured with some of you having stock on hand as well as boxes for future projects/releases already made you might want to cover up any references to avoid any possible issues. Going forward of course use whatever logos etc. you decide to come up with.

The labels might cost a few $$$ but I figure its cheaper than tossing out any current stock you might have to then have it reprinted. Companies have stickered boxes for years to cover up mistakes or changes in the product without having to produce a new box.

Just my $.02

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