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FS: Collector's Edition collection (360, Vita, PS3, PS4...)


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So, I've decided that I'd rather have space for more games than tie up what space I do have with CE's that I'll never open.

That said, I am NOT doing this because I need the money, and this is not a fire sale.

Almost all of these I paid retail at the time of their release, and I know some have dropped in price. My goal here is to get as much back from that initial cost as possible. I'm not a fan of eBay, and would rather sell on a group setting than pay them 10%.

Prices do NOT include shipping. As some of these are big boxes, it may cost $20 to ship to you. I pack things like I'd want to receive them, and am not going to eat the cost of shipping out of an already reduced price.

Don't want to sound like a jerk or anything, but I'm sure everyone can understand the concept of not wanting to lose any more money than possible.

I'm very, very picky about condition, so these are all in near mint or mint condition. ALL are sealed unless noted.

If you're interested in something, please send me a pm; I won't be checking this thread for replies with any frequency, so a pm is best.

I've been here for a long time, with 100% feedback, so you can expect to have a solid transaction on my end.

Thanks for looking!


XBOX 360
Aliens: Colonial Marines CE (sealed) $35
Assassin's Creed III CE (sealed) $65
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag CE (sealed) $50
Batman: Arkham Origins CE (sealed) $85
Bioshock 2 CE (sealed; tape on top slightly lifting) $42
Bioshock: Infinite Premium Edition (sealed) $35
Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition (sealed) $20
Dark Souls II CE (sealed) $45
Dead Island: Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition (sealed) $30
Gears of War 3 LE (opened to check contents only, game never played, nothing used) $20
HALO IV CE (sealed) $30
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII CE (sealed) $90
Max Payne 3 CE (sealed) $30
Ninja Gaiden III CE (sealed) $50
Saints Row IV Game of the Generation Edition (sealed) $80

Awakened Fate Ultimatum Ultimate Fate Edition with ALL Bonuses (sealed) $70
Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition (sealed) $30
Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition (sealed) $20
Soul Caliber V CE (sealed) $25
Tekken: Hybrid Limited Edition (sealed) $40

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below Slime Collector's Edition (sealed) $70
Final Fantasy Type 0 HD CE (sealed) $75
Republique CE (sealed) $60

Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition (sealed) $45

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker CE (sealed) $45

Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls Limited Edition with ALL Bonuses (sealed) $75
Demon Gaze Limited Edition (sealed) $85
Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy CE (sealed) $70
Ragnarok Odyssey: Mercenary Edition Limited Edition with 3 packs of unopened cards (sealed) $80
Stranger of Sword City CE (sealed) $45

Wii U
RODEA: The Sky Solider Limited Edition with Bonus key (sealed) $70

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