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How to get clock signal on pin 2 of monitor port (STE)?

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I bought a GBS8200 upscaler to connect my STE to an LCD display. When it didn't work as planned, I started researching and found that STE's lack a clock signal on pin 2 of the monitor port. I'm trying to determine how to get that signal presented, and level of difficulty.


Any help or advice would be appreciated.





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There is no clock on any of old analog composite or RGB monitor outputs. You have nothing to do in STE, and you can not.

It seems that you just bought not good upscaler for STE.

Why it works not well ? Probably because STE produces not proper interlaced video.

In any case, it is worth to try how it works when STE is set to 60 Hz refresh rate - if it is not already in it (US TOS) .

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