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2600 'Vader' Refurb & AV Mod - by Retrofix Australia


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Recently, I decided to go down the path of modding one of my PAL 2600 'Vaders', sending her some 3400km across Australia to get some electronic beauty therapy, massage, botox and boob job :-D This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a 'Vader' sized box sitting on the breakfast bar.


A number of weeks ago, I sent off the Vader to Retrofix Australia for a full service, cosmetic refurb & AV Modding with S-Video and Composite. I also had a little red 'Power' LED mod for some w#nk value.



I must say, I'm mighty pleased. The whole case/switches look stunning after its plastic/metal polishing and the AV Mod is mega neat with quality components. The Atari's picture on my 10 year old 40" Sony Bravia LCD is fantastic, with a mega crisp and clean image.


More info on the actual refurb and AV Mod details can been found here ... https://www.retrofix.com.au/magento/index.php/products/atari/2600/consoles-modified/atari-2600-vadar-console.html


A big thx to Jess and the Retrofix team for the Vader facelift. Awesome job :thumbsup: My shitty phone photos don't do the refurb real justice!






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Oops. Late reply. Dissapeared off the face of the earth when I posted this. Didn't want to be rude by not replying ;)


Yup .. expensive. Still happy as hell. Faultless!. Since then, I got off the lazy chair and bought a refurb kit from mojoatomic, and new soldering station. Started refurbing my other Vader, keeping her original (RF). Having only just got back into the 2600 at the time of this post, I was going through the honeymoon period and the Retrofix website played the Jedi mind trick on me :P

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