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Any 7800 tinkerer without a SaveKey?


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No biggy, I have more PCB's than there are people who would ever want one. Cleaned and sorted my inventory of chips and found 10 x 24C256 EEPROM's, that I did not know I had. I also have far too many connectors, which is the only pain in the neck to put together about the whole thing. If you look closely at the picture I posted in the wanted forum, you'll see what I mean. The DB9's will fall apart, after you cut away the metal shield, so each one has to be carefully glued.


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Above and beyond generous, WIZ!


I hope some neat tinkering results from this kind offer. 8)


(tinklers need not apply)


Hmm, I just thought about the fact that a SaveKey could be used as a 32K EEPROM dongle, nobody has to follow the "rules" with it. :ponder:


Sorry, it is the professional software developer in me, who has been f*cked by pirates more than once. :evil:

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SaveKey's are so popular, I can't even give them away. :rolling:





This is the first time I've heard of this device of yours. Will it work with a Y Adapter so a joystick can still remain in the 2nd Port? I've heard the AtariVox can't do that.


Are there any existing 7800 games that use it? I tried accessing that list of 2600 games but it appears to be dead.


If you are selling them again, I'd be happy to mention it in the 7800 group on Facebook. There's about 800 members now and a lot of them don't come to the AtariAge forums.


And now to annoy you. Since this is probably a low-bandwidth device, is there any chance it could work - assuming there was an adapter plug - with either the 5200's or 7800's expansion ports? I know how much you love both of them. :)

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