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Season 6 - The New HSC - Week 21 = Entombed


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St-Matthew cemetary in Québec City, an old church of England cemetary that was active from 1722 to 1860 and turned into a public park in 1987 (the church itself was converted to a library in 1980).


What I'd do: Run to the building you can see at the back of the picture, this is a gay night club. Pretty sure those old zombies would find it too awkward to follow me in such a modern place (or maybe they would, who knows what was repressed or censored from history back then).


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If I saw a zombie in the cemetery, I would run away! Hopefully it is a shambling zombie and not a running zombie.


Playing this gave me the urge to play Mazogs for the ZX81. Lucky for me, a couple sites reproduced this game in javascript. So much fun.

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