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Why no music on Jag Doom?


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@Lost Dragon


How come when Atari employees give testimony that Rebellion were lazy and wouldn't do their job without being forced to it's bollocks and all sorts of other British euphemisms for nonsense.


But when it suits your purposes their word is as good as gold huh?



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The difference is i don't put Rebellion up on some hero worship type pedestal the way you seem to with HVS,i asked Jason Kingsley why on earth we saw such dumb A.I in their last AVP game after the superb original PC incarnation..


I also asked why they went route of using in house actors for the gold edition of AVP on pc, a poor move in my eyes.


I made my feelings clear as a 2000AD fan how disappointed I was with Dredd Vs Death, car handling in Jaguar C.F etc etc.


Basically i put my critiscm directly to them and gave them a chance to reply.


I didn't just say ohh poor coders look what WTR coder achieved..or look at Argonaut's PS1 Alien Game..


I made an effort to discover what were root causes..


Rebellion themselves admit they made mistakes,were under pressure to make game mass market friendly, publishers were paying bills so they had to go with their decisions..


They themselves disappointed by how they handled Judge Dredd..


So they are open to critiscm..and they are well aware i view them as a flawed developer..their best stuff has been fantastic, but it's been mixed in with a lot of medicore material over the years.


Sometimes due to their mistakes, others due to issues beyond their control.


As far as i'm aware, you've not made any effort to ask I.D why no music in Doom, despite feeling so strongly, you've just run with your assumption of Dave Taylor not being that great and the Jaguar hardware showcased that..



Mine might not be the best approach, but i find it works better than posting up comparisons between a pc fps conversion and basket ball game based on a film licence..


Or posting speculation quotes about how Jaguar could smoke PS1 in terms of 2D knowing damn well we will never see someone put in the sheer amount of work just to produce a Jaguar title on par with Rayman or Burnout.


So if you want to talk currency..i would say Rebellion's commercial output and honesty on it, holds far more value than your chaps speculation..

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