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TI(ny)-99/4A Computer

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What EDA software have you used? Do you plan to release the design files on a place such as GitHub? It would be interesting for people into electronics, even modifying it to "break" the 1983 rule (replacing memory chips with higher density ones, using CPLD or FPGA, integrate updates, convert it into a Geneva, etc).

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Fabrice, As always, your custom builds are stunning creations. This one is no exception. In fact this one sets a new level.


You have more imagination and talent in you baby finger, than most of us have in our whole hand (in our whole bodies to be honest)


I stand in awe.


Absolument incroyable Monsieur Montupet!



Oh and I used edit to add this:

Does this mean I can have your modded beige console now????? (SVP!!!)

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Thank you all of you very much for your kind words ! I'm happy to see that this TI(ny)99/4A is appreciated :-)

@Rasmus: The v1.0 TI(ny)99/4A is design for PAL TMS9929A VDP so, at this stage of the developpment, it is not really compatible with the TMS-9928A: their color table are different. So, by installing a 9928A you'll get a picture but wrong colors.
But a 9928A compatiblity is an interesting future option to add to the motherboard.
@--- Ω --- : The jumper you see is for I/O data bus control, not for disabling the 32kb expansion RAM, but it is easy to disable the 32Kb to be able to use a SAM :-)
@timofonic: I used Diptrace. At this time, I am not planning to put the file on GitHub or equivalent.
@PeBo: With this TI(ny)99/4A my modded TI-99/4A suddenly gotten old ! That said, I think that I will still keep it a bit. But it is quite possible that I will part with it one day.
@Chue: A coffee warmer, this is a great improvement to add to it ^^

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Oh cool, you used DipTrace. I went through a big electronics designs software review/decision making process a while ago and DipTrace was very high on my list. I almost bought it, but Altium had just released CircuitMaker so I decided to try that first. Needless to say I'm still using CircuitMaker and really like it.


How do you like DipTrace? Are you happy with the software after doing a large project like this?

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Me like!

So cool that you put "everything" into a box.

I am pretty sure you would sell a few of them if you wanted. Pretty sure you would sell a lot if you made "modern" fix on that design. Like someone said, more ram, memory card options, HDMI. I think that a "gamer" like that would have a good platform to have more stuff created on it. Like "The second coming" :P hehehe Even I would want to buy it and share old memory's with my kid. Power on and your ready to play games - Very hard to resist ;)

One thing is for sure - It is great, cool design and so cleanly executed.

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What a thing of beauty, really amazing work Fabrice! Like it was said earlier in this thread, this build really raises the bar.


..and makes me wonder if for the next project I should go more retro and just use components from the day. I did not yet look at this closely but will do so later, just curious on what type of memory chips you used from RAM and ROM?

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Thank you all ! :-)


Pretty sure you would sell a lot if you made "modern" fix on that design.

It is not my goal, my only goal is to make me happy :-) My electronic realisations concerning the TI-99 will never integrate modern component. If I want to use modern tecnology, I use my Intel Core i5 iMac, Macbook Pro or PC computers.

Like someone said, more ram, memory card options,

It is panned on the next version. The v1.0 was made to validate the good operation of the Tiny99/4A computer according to the (numerous) corrections I made on the TI-99/4A schematics that are false. I took the opportunity to bring some improvement to the TI-99/4A like size, speech, 32Kb RAM, RGB signal, expansion possibilities and speed.



Is there going to be thermal issues with such a compact design and old components?

No thermal issue :-) I use the TI(ny)99/4A during many hours per day without note abnormal hot temperature. Even in turbo mode.

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