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Got quite a bit done the past few days!

  • AtariAge logo in place. Not tune yet, so it's blink and you'll miss it ;)
  • fixed the screen roll issue on B-8. It was due to left over code from this build, which took 6+ scanlines of time to set the positions of the objects during vertical blank. This was no longer needed as object positions are now set during the first 5 scanlines of the game screen.
  • fixed the graphic glitch at bottom-right of gameplay area. The repositioning of the players to draw the radar was occuring 1 scanline too soon.
  • Fixed a problem where the new mine explosions were not deadly on the right half of the explosion. Problem was caused by the collision detection routines only supporting line-by-line shifting of the station sprites.
  • Added support for "tunes" - basically 2 sound effects that play concurrently on both channels.
  • iesposta's finished the sound effects for Player Shoots, Missile Spy Ship Hit, and Cannon Hit. All are in place, though Missile Spy Shit Hit isn't used yet as that part of the game has yet to be written.
  • iesposta's finished the tune for Round Clear
  • Revised end-of-round logic to freeze the player's ship, remove all enemy ships, remove all station shots, and play the Round Clear tune.






I've been doing more play testing in MAME to get a handle on how the game plays (it's difficult to write game code when you don't know the rules!). I plan to post a blog entry in the next day or two which documents what I've figured out so far. I would appreciate feedback on anything I get wrong or haven't yet figured out.


Additionally cd-w's been working on the driver trying to fix the boot problem with the Evil 7800s like mine. It's possible the final solution will require an update to Stella as well.


For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.0-pre8 or newer)

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