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I don't really hate the Amiga.


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I never saw any ads that I can remember other than in magazines which I barely purchased (computer mags were expensive when I was a kid!). All of my Amiga exposure came from the little computer stores in the local mall we used to hang out at nearly every day. I loved what I saw and the Amiga really played a bit part of my childhood because of those stores.

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The more exotic and confusing ads become the less I pay attention to them. If a company is trying to make a statement, well for fuck'sake SAY IT! don't show us high-art and abstract meaningless imagery.


Problem with Amiga ads was that they promised so much too soon. And despite me having like 10 computer stores in driving range, few of them had amiga accessories and software. So I checked into mail-order, and it was always the same response, it's not out yet.

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My experience was similar to eightbit's in that the Electronics Boutique at our mall had one on display which simply blew away anything available at the time. Thought it looked awesome, but there was very little available for it at the time. That was when I still had my TI-99/4A. When I finally got my next computer in 1986, I ended up with an Apple //c since my high school had them and I felt it would be cool to be able do my computer class projects at home... plus there was software galore available, both in stores and through other means. That computer got stolen my freshman year at college which I replaced with a Laser 128EX clone, which I felt was actually superior to the //c but much more affordable. While in college, a guy in my dorm had an Amiga and once again I was blown away by the graphics, sounds, and games available for it. Wouldn't you know it, UPS lost my Laser 128EX and all software (by then about 2000 diskettes or so) when I shipped it home. Devastated but still determined, I used the check I got from UPS to replace it with an Amiga 500 in early 1990 and used that as my main computer until I resigned myself that it wasn't going to come back. That was early 1998 when I went back to school for more programming education, at which time I bought a PC with Win98 2nd edition and have used PCs ever since then.


But the nostalgia bug recently bit me and I've brought out the numerous Amigas I've acquired (but haven't touched) over the past nearly 20 years. Boy, these things need a lot of work to bring them back from the dead and to modernize them, which is causing a love/hate relationship to develop for me with this platform. However, now that I'm on a mission, I think I'll stick to it.

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