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$$$ Send VectorGamer To Coleco Expo $$$


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I'll volunteer to go to the Coleco Expo if we raise $200 to send me there. I'll do a video walk through and perhaps shoot video of whatever else - I'll take requests.


The show is 300 miles round trip. Using the IRS gas mileage I'll settle on $0.50 per mile. Plus $20 for the ticket to the show. Plus extra to cover GoFundMe fees. All we need to do is get 200 AA members to kick in $1.


LINK to GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/send-vectorgamer-to-coleco-expo

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I wouldn't be going to the show under any other circumstances. But if we get enough people to chip in $1 I'll drive out there and shoot video for the entertainment. I'm taking one for the team.

I actually like that idea. Maybe I'll chip in after all.

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i doubt its going to be a complete failure. but it certainly lost a good 10-20% support from this community. it won't stop the locals who aren't on here. i liked the idea f the conference til they started messing with this community. i'd love to see the video and i'll chip in.


and i just did. hopefully you'll get enough. i'd love to see the video and i agree don't wear anything to get yourself kicked out.

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