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Dynacomp Rubik's Cube Solver


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Heh, indeed.


When I was a kid, I followed the typical path. I scrambled the cube, managed to get all the colors back on one side, and got stuck. I bought a book, and could use the instructions to solve the cube in about an hour. Fearing another hour long solve, the cube gathered dust.


Fast forward 30 years, and I decided I wanted to actually learn how to solve it, in part by understanding what on earth was going on. With a better math background, I learned how to actually solve the cube myself (without instructions), I can now solve the cube in a few minutes (one can indeed teach an old dog new tricks), and it is a lot of fun.


I probably could write my own cube solver now, but I'm curious how folks did it on the 8-bits. It would especially be interesting if they used some of the fancy techniques to solve the cube closer to the optimal solution of 20 or less moves, rather than the dozens and dozens a basic solution takes.

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