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Spartados X 4.48 and MS-DOS file exchange

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Is it possible with Spartados X 4.48 to read MS-DOS 180K floppy and copy files ?


It is possible with 1050 Happy upgrade and a special Happy utility (converts the MS-dos files to Dos 2.5 files)


I also did make some MS-DOS Atari file transfer long time ago, but with standard 1050 diskdrive.


I ask this question, because on the Wikipedia page of Spartados X (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SpartaDOS_X),


there is written:


"the file system format: MS-DOS cannot access SpartaDOS X disks and vice versa". (in the [Relation to MS-DOS] sub-topic )


It would be cool if filetransfer would be possible by using 1050 drive on Atari 8bit and MS-DOS computer with 5.25 drive.


PS: I understand that my topic is very obsolete since we nowadays have Sio2USB/Sio2PC-USB , etc... , but some Atarians like to still use their old hardware in 2017 and beyond.

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Interesting topic! My gut tells me that it's not going to happen on a 1050 without hardware, even by trying to read half-sectors. But IIRC the XF551 with Puff's upgrades could read, but not write IBM's, so maybe there is hope.



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Happy 1050 software could transfer files to/from 180K single sided MS-DOS disks, which are pretty rare... most drives anyone still has would have been double sided, and disks normally formatted as such, so you'd have to manually change options on the DOS format command to make a single sided disk for this purpose.


Personally, I am most impressed with the new option to use the PCLINK driver on SDX, and RespeQt on the PC to directly access a folder on a the PC's disks. This option even maintains time stamps when copying either way, which are lost when dropping files into and out of ATR files, or when using the happy conversion utility.

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Yes, PCLink is pretty useful. Warm applause to Montezuma for implementing its server functionality in RespeQt.


As for the FAT access, I have been recently told that there is a problem with the FATFS driver which does not work in a stable manner. And a problem there is indeed (it is reproducible). I hope it will get fixed for the next beta release. There are also some other pending fixes to the Toolkit.

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