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I played Ms. Pac-Man on the Game Boy. I got the highest score I ever got. 51560. I got to the fourth maze. There were three bananas. And my game ended when I tried to go back and get a dot I missed. It's really hard when there are four of them and only one of you. And touching one is deadly. I would have just put three ghosts in the maze, possibly two. Because four is just too hard. I was figuring out which Game Boy cartridge shells to harvest. It ended up being a Frankenstein cart. One back and a different front. I worked on Oranges some more. There was a bug that worked its way into the game where the second orange doesn't move. So it was really easy for me to test the ending. It works good. I had made a song, but I decided the high notes were too high. I discovered I couldn't change the NR24_REG variable to change between notes apparently. So I had to settle on one. I chose a lower one, but the notes' ranges could only be between C and about E or F in the same octave. So if it sounds kind of weird, the reason is because the lower notes had a small range. So I guess nobody cares about wanting a cart. And you know what? I'm fine with that. I've been testing it on a real brick Game Boy to make sure it's just right before I call it finished.

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