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My INTV 1 died


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This Sucks

My Intellivision 1 just died on me. I was playing the Demo Cartridge for 83 and all of a sudden the Intellivision reset,then I played the Bad Apple Demo thing and it reset so I hit reset to start it over and it reset again and now it just keeps clicking or doing a constant rest with the screed flashing I tried my Cuttle Cart 3 and it did the same thing, tried cleaning the contacts on the LTO and that did not fix it.

What has gone bad when you get a flashing clicking screen? One of the Chips or the Power Supply or that voltage regulator thing that has a ribbon cable on it that attaches to the main board?

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Sounds like the Bad Apple really turned out to be a bad apple.

That aint got nothin to do with it. a Game or Software can't cause hardware damage, it's Read Only so ones the power is turned off anything that may have cause the Intellivision to crash or lock up will be gone.

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Check the pins in the cart slot are straight and not shorted. Pin 12 is a reset line. Do you have any other game carts to test with?


Check the voltages at the 5 pin header with the ribbon disconnected.


What does it do with no game inserted, does it still flash or just blank screen?


If it still flashes with no game, the reset circuit is fairly straightforward to check. Check cap C26, C9 and diode CR7.


Lastly try swapping the STIC.

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