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GROM and additional 32K questions


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So what exactly is a GROM cartridge? Does it contain a special graphics chip or just more graphics memory?


How many GROM cartridges are there? Is there a list of them?


Also is there a list of programs and cartridges that require the the 32K memory?


Will Atarisoft files run on the FlashRom99? Other homebrew?


Is there a list of programs/cartridges that use the speech synthesizer? I only know of Parsec and Alpiner



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Every cart sold by Ti has a grom.


Most carts from 3rd parties are ROM only. Until recently, now with the ubergrom cart board we can replicate groms easily. Grom tech info: http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/groms.htm


Many carts did speech. There's a list in the lists topic I'm sure.






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