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Oranges for Game Boy


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"Bob is stuck in the orange packaging plant where the packing machine has gone out of control and is spitting out oranges all over the place! Why? Some idiot poured radioactive goop all over it and so the oranges turned radioactive! So, locked into the room, Bob must get 500 points to beat the Orange-O-Matic, or else he's toast, which would go good with oranges for a nutritious breakfast."

Oranges is a game I'm making for the Game Boy. And I'd like to know your feedback on the game so far. You can get the latest build here

Play it on your emulator or on an Everdrive and let me know what you think.

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Dusted off the ol' Game Gear and worked on this again. I began work on power-ups. The first one is now in, it's the syrup bottle which will slow down the oranges. Bob's shirt will turn blue, then orange when the oranges were about to go back to their normal speed. Believe it or not, that took a long time to do because I couldn't get it to work but now it does. As you can see, I changed the colors around so it wouldn't create faint lines on a real Game Gear.



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I went back to work on Oranges for the Game Boy. I have also started a new Game Boy project called "Ten Pest." (that's supposed to be a rocket in the picture.) It will be sort of like "Tempest." I plan to have ten different kinds of UFOs to shoot at, hence the name. All I have done is a title screen, worked on music this morning.


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I made some music for the cancelled Mr. Stick game, so I decided it shouldn't go unused, so I decided to make a new Game Boy game called "Fast Food." I just started work on it tonight. Here's what I have so far. Feel free to design me a new title screen if you want. It's like Oranges, only your goal is to eat the food (except for the deadly black pickle.) So basically it's just the Atari 2600 game on Game Boy.


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