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Here come ol' flattop - Drop Zone 4 / Bombs Away (arcade remake) bB


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Barrie Ellis of oneswitch.org.uk and I are working on a remake of these rare arcade titles written by David Main for Meadows (1975 / 1976). Barrie has been a great source of information and suggestions for the remake. He also worked up some awesome artwork with historical significance in the event that any cartridges are manufactured.


Clint DeMuro has a video of Bombs Away on Youtube. As far as I am aware, no video of Drop Zone 4 exists. Barrie is going to try to get his PCB working and I may post a link to the video later.


Here are some flyers from flyerfever.com


Barrie has conducted an interview with the original author to be included in his book about accessible gaming. Barrie also has scans of game instructions, and some private pictures of the game to be included in his book; I am very excited for it to be released!


Here is a link to the latest bins and development journal:


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