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Coco 3 joystick extension cables?


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I've posted about this few years ago but couldn't find thread..and never got around to it, but am ready now


Coco 3 is only system I own that I don't have extension cables for to reach my bed from TV stand. Has someone possibly made these by now? If not any advice on where I could find one compatible? Last time I remember the only compatible cables I could find were like 50' designed for security cameras..I can't even remember the kind of cable needed either if someone can please fill me in lol There was also a site I found where I was told they could build me custom extension cables, I just had to give them info & find them the diagram. Worst case scenario, guess that's what I'll do


Thanks in advance

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I believe is what you would need if you want to make your own.



I tried searching cables already made up but couldn't find any.



You shouldn't need any wiring diagram to make them up since it is just an extension cable. If holding the connectors in your hand and looking at the plugs(where you will see the holes on the female end and pins on the male end) with them both the right side up, wiring it up will be mirrored left to right. Example the hole on the upper left of the female end will wire to the upper right pin of the male end.

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