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"Free Stuff" - Napoleon in Russia Box


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Hi folks --


I have the game "Napoleon in Russia" in a box for free to a good home (just pay shipping please).


-The box is in poor condition, the contents inside are in similar condition, and includes:

- Datasoft floppy for the game - CAT no 1630

- Datasoft survey

- "6 month trail to computer entertainer / video game update" mail in card :-P

- A scale map (which opens most of the way but appears partially stuck, so i'm not opening further)

Instruction manual (same thing - cover is good, front/back pages open, middle pages appear stuck due to moisture perhaps), but otherwise the text is clear.

- Datasoft Frequency Buyer Program Coupon (save 7, 10, 14 coupons and get a valuable gift from Datasoft.. maybe that gift is pay owed to Philip Price..?)


Anyway - if someone wants it, PM me and I'll ship it. It should be cheap to ship first class (box + contents weigh ~ 7-8 oz).


Although it's in poor condition, please don't flip this on ebay or anything - I just want to make sure this goes to the right place.


P.S. If you want pics, let me know and i'll put something up on gdrive - I haven't figured out how to add stuff to 'my media' here yet..




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