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Replacement Label?

Indestructible Hulk

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This may be a long shot, but is it possible to get a replacement label for my Bob Decrescenzo Collection multi cart? One of my kids set a peanut butter sandwich on a paper towel on top of it and the oils soaked into the label. (The consequences of having my system set up in my son's room!) Due to the rarity of this game and the fact that it's my favorite, I'd really like it back to original condition. Thanks everyone.0310b3ca1cec5ee4b67c6dd84a5b030f.jpg


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There are a couple of guys here on the forums doing custom labels, but if cost is a factor, you might want to look into finding a scan of the original label, save it on a flash drive or SD card and check with a local print shop to see what it would cost to have one made. The print shop I use, charges by the sheet when it comes to adhesive labels. I have mine made on weatherproof paper and they can even do laser cutting. The last thing I had printed was a bunch of replacement stickers for vintage R2-D2 figures and 2 sheets (which made 48 or so labels) costed me $4. :-o


I just noticed that's an AtariAge game. Try contacting Albert, I'm sure he can help you out. :-D

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