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A Question About 5200 Chips...


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I have an old 5200 that has been in my attic for about 32 years, and I decided to fire it up the other day, All I get is a deep blue screen.

My question is about the three large chips (Antic, GTIA, and the Pokey chip), I noticed that the Field Repair Manual lists them all

as custom versions of the normal chips. All use the normal part number but all have XX after them. Where they custom versions of the

normal chips or is this typical mass confusion from Atari?




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Or are you wondering if you can swap in chips from a 800 for instance? If so, the answer is yes.


So they weren't special versions of those chips? I know that Atari had a special version of the 6502 chip, I wasn't sure if

there were custom versions of those custom chips too. I've already tried reseating all the socketed chips and I've tried

swapping out the 8 RAM chips (and the 4050 chip) too. I was going to start swapping out the big chips next but wanted

to make sure I didn't need to order something special from Best Elect first. The color does change by turning the veristor.



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