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Great Games? - Small Developers


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So Far I've been having a lot of fun with almost all of the homebrew games I found on AtariAge. Follow this link


Once you are there, scroll down to the search area.

For "Rarity"- select Homebrew, then check the box for "Has ROM" and click search. This will give you a list of homebrew games that have downloadable roms. ;)


There are tons more out there, but it takes some searching. I have used Youtube and Google with great success. Also, you will run into a few really nice games that you can't get the roms for, but if you contact the developer and ask them about getting a copy of the rom, most will either give you a copy or sell you one for a reasonable price. I suggest you offer to pay them, even if they give you the rom for free. The developers put a ton of time and effort into making the games and it's only right that we offer them something in return. :thumbsup:


In your title, you mention "small developers" (Edit: I realized you may have meant games released back in the day by actual companies, if so, I'm sorry for rambling on about homebrews and homebrew developers.) :dunce: . The thing to remember is that almost all of the people making games for the 2600 are just regular people. They aren't part of a company and they aren't getting paid for the time they spend working on games for us to enjoy. Most make the games on their own or with help from a few other people on the forums. Even those who end up putting their games on Cartridges aren't making anything. They might make a few dollars for each sale, but that's nothing when you think about how many hours they spend creating the game, some spend year perfecting a game before they officially call it "done".. I didn't come here to preach, but somehow it turned into that. :P


My point is, these guys work hard to make these games and they deserve something in return, be it money or just a sincere Thank you.. So, when you download a rom, that a developer was kind enough to provide for you, take the time to send him a message and tell him how much you appreciate him working on the game and offer him a few dollars, it's the least we can do considering we wouldn't have any new games if it weren't for the people who make them for us. :-D

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I also like Suntek - Motocross. You can get the NTSC conversion here: http: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/76706-problem-with-pal-ntsc-conversions/?p=1174822


And if you haven't already tried it, check out HES - My Golf. It's a surprisingly sophisticated golf game for the 2600. The conversion is here: http://atariage.com/software_conversions.php

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